Saturday, March 31, 2018


TV that Cannot Catch Broadcast
TV that Cannot Catch Broadcast
Yesterday can work to fix the LG 21FU4RD TV that Cannot Catch Broadcast.
the beginning of the story there is a neighbor from one village who came to my place, he bought a new antenna, but his tv no broadcast. then I went to the tv owner's house, I immediately tried the automatic search but no broadcasts were seen.then the wife who owns the tv while carrying the coffee. "his coffee was drunk first.., yesterday there is still indosiar, tvri and antv", said his wife. 
"Oh.. if so, his tv should be dismantled ". I said.
 "Yes, you've brought it to your place..." said his wife.
TV, then I take it home and the next day I unload.

after my tv unload then I try the automatic search while checking the voltage TUNNER turns on the 30v voltage is not out. after being tracked, stops the voltage on J117. after I saw the rusted J117 wire, I test it with Avo meter, it was broken. this is the culprit....
jumper wire I loose and replace with a new one. after that I tried turning on the tv. can catch the broadcast again.

it's my experience is fixing the LG 21FU4RD-T3 TV that Cannot Catch Broadcast

IC LV76211
TR Hor C6092
FBT BSC25-N1534
Ver LA78141