Service Sharp Alexander Slim
Service Sharp Alexander Slim
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This time I will share in SHARP ALEXANDER SLIM TV service experience yesterday there is a neighbor whose TV is broken, he said, can not catch the broadcast, then I ordered down the TV to the house, after I tried the automatic search it was only able to catch TVRI broadcast, then I dismantle his tv then I check the voltage on the tuner, all normal. I immediately dislodged the trainer and told the owner of the tv to buy a tuner.
the next day the owner of the TV came with a new tuner, "why is tunner like this?" I asked..
owner of the tv says "the seller said the same".
"Yes, it is okay". I say.

Tunner original PLL, tunner new VS, finally I put the original tuner -> search auto - > check the BT pin voltage turns the voltage changed, Thank God finally I put both tuners as follows:
original tuner: B + 5V_30v_Gnd_Ad_SCL_SDA new runner: AGC_BU_B + 5v_Gnd_IF
VT / BT original tuner I connect with new VT tuner, after an auto search all broadcasts can be saved, Alhamdulillah.. paid bro..

The next day came again TV SHARP ALEXANDER SLIM but this time the TV owner said there were explosive sounds behind, after I unload the flyback cracked, and issued a fire from the crack, I immediately dislodged FBT JF0501-32636 after searching from one store to another shop no goods, I was forced to replace with FBT FA132WJZZ with pin as follows:
H_B + 130_GND_24_12_AFC_180_GDN_HT_ABL

PIN JF0501-32636:
H_B + 130_GND_33_30_AFC_180_GDN_HT_ABL
After the FBT I plug it in and I try the result: VERTICAL FOLD, no osd display

PIN 24V I give a coil of wires wrapped around the core about 6 to 7 rounds
vertical results are not folded, but less width up and down about 1cm
on AFC pin R6K8 I replace 1k2, Results OSD out
last enter service mode and add V-SIZE until the vertical width fits
and Paid Bro ..