Saturday, March 31, 2018

TV can't be turned on

the picture there is fiber like wood
the picture there is fiber like wood
This time I want to post an improved tv theater experience that can't be turned on. according to tv owner, tv, can get out the picture after few hours are turned on. "there must be Elco has worn out, " I said, after I unloaded really look Elco 100μf / 35v in regulator circuit a bit bloated, china tv weakness is a regulator that is less stable, plus small icon size so Elko easy after bloated, after Elco I dislodged and replace the new one I try to turn on the tv and bar.., tvs flame directly, but the picture there is fiber like wood, check again, there Elco 100μf / 16v dry in regulator area, then I replace new Elco and tv back to normal.

If Tv wants to replace Elco-Elco long lasting regulator with higher micro value, otherwise tv will be more durable the picture will be more stable not rocking.