Sharp Alexander Pro dead

Sharp Alexander Pro dead

This time I want to share SHARP Alexander Pro TV repair experience that is dead.
Chronology of Damage: When Tv is turned on, no reaction at all, Indicator light off, all no signs of life.

Possible cause:
  • No electrical outlet
  • Cable TV cable Disconnect
  • Fuse Regulator Disconnect
  • Disabled Manager
  • Circuit control Not working with normal

Before we disassemble the casing Tv Make sure first that the Stop Contact powered. If there is electricity, check the AC cord, watch carefully if the AC cord is broken? If not, Next Check with AVO Meter, Avo position in x1K, Every AVO probe we put on the foot of the plug, press, tv button on position, If Avo needle move can be ascertained AC cable and fuse no problem, But If AVO needle does not move there is still a possibility that the cable break or fuse it, the next step we open the TV case, if the casing is opened we see if the fuse is broken,if we do not check again AC cable with Avo but this time by unplugging the cable from the socket on the board / PCB tv, If the cable is not Disconnected then we check the Block Regulator.

For the steps to check the Regulator Maybe I will discuss in another post, because in this case the cause of the damage can be seen visually because there are 2 Elko bloating namely: C604 = 22uf / 250v and C643 = 1000uf / 16v. c604 is a voltage stabilizer of 185v and c643 there is an 8v voltage stabilizer which includes the provision of the id program. so if both Elco are bloated it can be ascertained that tv can not turn on due to voltage drop.

Solution: Replace both Elco with the new one and the tv will return to normal.
SHARP Alexander Pro
Chassis: DNUTKD746WE
FBT: JF0501-32601
Vertical Ic: LA78040
Program Ic: IXB855WJZZ
Horizontal: TT2140
Regulator Ic: STR W5453A
Sharp Alexander Pro dead
Sharp Alexander Pro dead
Sharp Alexander Pro dead